Rimo Trans SIA increases the competitive advantage by increasing the operational efficiency, increasing control of inventory, increasing visibility, and reducing costs, which ultimately leads to improved customer service as well as increased profits and market share.

The contract logistics department of Rimo Trans SIA provides an end-to-end supply chain and transportation solution for their designated supply chains. In cases of third-party logistics provider (3PL), we encouraged long-term solutions for our customer who are interested in the growth and understanding of their business role in the logistics service for their delivery.

In addition to the basic advantage of our outsourced supply chain, Rimo Trans SIA focuses on the core business activities and reduce or eliminate customers’ capital investment in non-core areas. Our record on certainty and reliability has impressively guaranteed the service level of supply chains to our customers, which are operating in diverse range of markets.

Rimo Trans SIA manages a wide range of goods and services in favor of our customers. We handle operations or services such as facilities designing, planning supply chains, transporting and distributing goods, warehousing or storage, processing orders and inventory management.

Rimo Trans SIA works alongside with his customers to tailor a range of flexible value-added services, including:

  • Distribution, Inventory Management and Warehousing (Multi-Client and/or Dedicated).
  • Consultation for Supply Chain Management
  • Customs Brokerage Services
  • IT Integration, Information Management and Supply Chain Visibility
  • International Freight Forwarding