Warehousing & Tank
We offer professional and high quality sea freight services, with personal escort which will enable you to transfer your cargo to its destination in the most secure and low priced manner. The sea freight department of Rimo-Trans offers a wide variety of sea shipping solutions, such as: whole and partial container shipping, refrigerated shipments, food, textiles, raw materials, machines, personal items and more. 
Selection of trucking services can be daunting when trying to optimize your supply chain. We have been in the business for over 40 years and can recommend the various options available for your move and optimal solution, including heavy haul project cargo. AEL has the truck logistics partners to meet all of your trucking requirements.
We offer transportation of goods and service by air to your preferred destination, Our Air transportation Services is reliable and quick, we also have special luxury package delivery by air.
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Providing quality services in the logistics industry, especially the provision of transportation and storage services, which require strict compliance with the safe operation for high level of service quality and protection of the environment.
Rimo Trans SIA is a freight forwarding or logistics service company that has been providing specialized cargo shipping services, freight solutions & storage facilities for almost 18 years.  Our company was originally founded in April 27, 1998, and re-register as an inter-national logistics service company in July 14, 2004.
We offer professional service to our customers, and provide the necessary logistics assistance to every enquiry. We handle our agreement policy with strict orders. We keep to time and disappointment is not our partner.


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